If you need mixing & mastering, email all session and audio files to [email protected].
You can use websites like WeTransfer, Google Drive, or Dropbox to transfer large files to us.
Please allow 2-3 business days per song.
Turnover time can vary based on queue volume.

Follow these instructions when sending your session and audio files for the best results:

Mixing Services:

1. Make sure none of your tracks are clipping when you are recording. This causes distortion and is impossible to fix in post production. You can prevent clipping by adjusting the gain knob on your pre-amp while testing your mic level.

2. Please make sure all your files are consolidated (stem files) when they are sent. This means each track is separated by instrument, vocal take, etc… Also, each track begins at the beginning of the song and ends at the same time. This keeps everything aligned the way you intended it to be while recording. If files are not sent consolidated, we do not know if we have perfect timing (we will try our best). Send us a rough mix as a reference in worst case scenarios.

3. All files sent to us need to be in stereo .wav or .aiff format. This can get hefty on file size and you may need to compress a folder into .zip and use a file transfer website to send it to us.

4. Please disable all plugins, EQs, and effects on every channel before sending files. We will apply these things during mixing, we just need the raw/dry recording.

Mastering Services:

1. All files sent to us need to be in stereo .wav or .aiff format.

2. Please make sure to bring the overall mix volume down to reflect a -4db or less output on the master channel before bouncing the stereo mix. This gives us plenty of headroom to work with during mastering.

Hip Hop Examples: