Who is C-Ri?

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Who is C-Ri?

“I remember as a kid my Dad and I used to roll around Dallas jammin K104, The Oasis, Maze, Blackstreet and Too $hort, which gave me “urban” music since my Mom always loved the classics being from Iran and all.

When I stayed at my Aunt’s house from time to time, my cousin Vick would jam Swishahouse, while on the other side of my family my cousin Steve and I had to sneak around the house to listen to his “Gangsta’s Paradise” CD.

Eventually Steve and I would start remixing tracks after hearing Eminem murder “Forgot About D.R.E.”, we called that one “Forgot About Steve” (Do you still have the lyrics cuz?). I’d like to blame these moments in life as the catalysts for Rihoo Records.

Pencil beats became the thing and we used to freestyle battle in the cafeteria like most folks did around that time (and probably still do), shoutout to the big homie Keith for keepin the beat.

Being from Dallas, we had inspiration like DSR who showed us you can make it from straight freestyling, so we decided to start recording at my apartment since my computer monitor had a mic on it which started my recording and engineering career.

That’s when Mike Lock, Mook, A Fish, and I would create the first rap group I was ever in, “DFK” aka “Da Freestyle Kangz”, and we made freestyle tracks ragging on each other, other students, and the teachers at our school.

Thanks to the good homies GK and Ekzo, I eventually learned how to officially mix music with the legendary audio editing program “GoldWave” (Thank God for ProTools and Logic by the way).

After my peers began to recognize me as “C-Ri”, I would drop my first solo projects in 12th grade and continued with music on and off until I left Dallas and moved to Austin to fully pursue the dream.

Fully pursuing the dream would consist of meeting and working with a whole bunch of talented artists and producers, co-founding “The Crew Ent” with Drink Spilla, and SuperKid Fresh, then ultimately earning a degree in music business and audio engineering.

When I left ATX for Houston to help develop a studio, I started to really forge the plans and foundation for Rihoo Records. Soon after, I realized I needed to be back in my hometown, because I love Dallas and it’s potential.

Although I have a strong passion for creating and performing music, I feel like my duty on Earth is much greater then just that. I have a deep sense of being of service to my peers and I thank God for guiding me every step of the way.”

– Charlie Rihoo aka C-Ri

Luke 22:27