Rihoo Records develops & maintains community events for independent musicians & Music fans. As part of our promotions team, you will be responsible for engaging with live music enthusiasts & inviting them to our events.

Here is what we expect our promoters to do for free entry to events:

-Max out invites per event announcement on Facebook. Facebook should tell you that you’re out of invites (about 500 invites per event).

-Make a personal promo post on at least 1-2 of your socials once per week per event (include event links in the comments) & share/retweet Rihoo Records posts (such as posts that contain the event flyer, Facebook event link, etc…).

-Like/comment/share as many Rihoo Records posts provided to the team via the Rihoo Records promotion team chat room.

Here are some extra things you can do for a FREE guest list spot or FREE drinks (21+):

#1- Share/retweet 5+ Rihoo Records posts per week on all social medias (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

#2- Like/comment on ALL Rihoo Records posts on all social medias such as: tagging a friend, “Can’t wait!”, “I’m there.“, reactions, gifs, etc.

#3- Post event flyers on your FB/IG/Snapchat stories every week & use the swipe up function on Snapchat with ticket link. Do #1 through #3 for a free guest list spot.

#4- Post/share event flyers in Dallas/Texas based hip hop groups on Facebook (“Who is planning on going to this event? Lets link up!”). Do #1 through #4 for a free guest list spot OR a free drink.

#5- Leave posts in the Facebook event pages. Do #1 through #5 for 2 free guest list spots OR 2 free drinks.

If you’re interested in joining our promotions team, fill out the form below!